Smarter Living

I love gadgets and technology.  I like to think that I keep up to date with the latest in technology and also use technology to its full potential.  I came across the Churchill guide to smarter living and I was really impressed.

The weather outside is freezing, in fact we are forecast heavy snow [none as of yet].  I am forever loosing my keys and with the weather as it is the girls and I hate standing outside whilst I fumble around looking for the keys.  How much better would it be to use a smart fob, or phone to simply touch the door to enter the house?  It would be much easier and save lots of cold fingers.

We have a wireless thermostat at home and I love the idea of the Hive home app which would allow me to set the temperature of the thermostat.  I could get out of bed to a lovely warm house instead of going downstairs to switch it up.  I could even use an app to control the lights in the house.  All of these make for much smarter living.

Why not take a look at Churchill guide to smarter living for yourself?  There are some great videos from some amazing bloggers and from Thursday 22nd January you could even win an iPhone 6 by finding the hidden iPhones.   I have certainly got some ideas for smarter living. 

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