Spotty dogs back

You will have to excuse the lack of posts over the weekend, spotty dog was very poorly.

J woke me up at 4am barking, which is unlike him.  Just his usual 2 warning barks, followed by a loud crash.  I went downstairs but things seemed normal, I gave the dogs some water then let them outside.  Later Saturday morning all was fine, we had our usual morning cuddles and everything was as it should be. 

youngest in towel

Our day progressed and nothing seemed too out of the ordinary.  Spotty dog was a little tired but she had had a busy day Friday and we put it down to this.  The evening came I put the girls to bed, wrote my 365 and then spotty dog got very poorly.  She started to be sick.  We began cleaning up and she would be sick straight away again.  It got worse, she refused to drink and eat.  My husband rushed her to the emergency vet. 

My husband left his house keys in the rush and so I had to wait up for him.  To be fair I could not sleep anyway.  He came home and we had to wait for some test results.  The vet rang at 1am, it didn't look good.  Blood tests were boarding on abnormal and there were signs of a major problem in her intestine.  Unfortunately they could not be certain unless they operated.

The next call came at 2.30 am, her small intestines had flipped and become twisted.  The surgery had managed to untwist them and she was recovering well.  7 am still recovering but seems to be sleeping off surgery.

The tears then came as the girls woke up and realised spotty dog was not at home.  They wanted to go and see her to make sure she was ok.  I rang the vets and they agreed.  We spent Sunday visiting spotty dog in the vets.  I took the girls round to Grandma and Grandad after so they could take their mind off spotty dog and it seemed to work.  J  however got very cuddly and I think he missed her

 J all cuddly

7 am this morning we got a call to say spotty dog can come home.  The girls were so happy, we had all really missed her.

She is home now and trying to get used to wearing her new accessory. 

spotty dog and the conespotty dog sleeping

It is safe to say we have all missed spotty dog and glad she is home.

This day I love Spotty dog is back

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  1. Aww! So glad she's ok and home where she belongs x

  2. Oh how scary! I knew horses could get twisted intestines, I did not know the same could happen to dogs. Well done the vet for operating so quickly and saving Spotty Dog's life! Please give her an extra cuddle from me and here's hoping she make a full and quick recovery.

    Thank you so much for joining in with #AnimalTales - I am really enjoying getting to know everyone's pets better.

  3. Aren't vets brilliant? Stay well spotty dog x


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