Team Challenge 10 : Update

Christmas kind of got in the way of my last update.  Apologies therefore that it is a little later than I had planned.  You can see my first update here.  This month I have signed up for a couple of challenges:

January - Night Run National Trust.  I enjoyed the last night run that I have decided to do another one at a different National Trust location.  

March - I have two 10K pencilled in the diary but have not yet confirmed my place

May - I am waiting for the colour run to open up places and will be booking onto this

June - The first really big challenge, the Ramathon!!  A half marathon in Derby.  I will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer support, Meningitis research and MAMA academy

July - the Leeds 10K

October - Yorkshire Marathon.  I am really excited about this and also really scared at the same time.  A year ago I had never run and now I have a place in a Marathon eek! I will be raising money for The Jane Tomlinson appeal and MAMA academy. 

I will be setting up Just giving pages shortly for these and would love for you to sponsor me.

Since the last update I took part in a National trust night run and the Santa Dash.

Santa DashNight run
I have noticed a few changes.  When I first started it took me 30 minutes to run one lap of the lake and most of it spent walking.  Just over a month later I now do two laps of the lake in 30 minutes all running.  My focus this month is to build on distance.  I aim to run 10K by March in preparation for the half marathon in June.

So here are the timings of the past few runs

1. 3.95 miles 46:02 11:40min/mi avg
2. 3.71 miles 41:38 11:14 min/mi avg
3. 3.07 miles 31:53 10:24 min/mi avg
4. 3.79 miles 41:03 10:49 min/mi avg
5. 2.29 miles 25:41 11:13 min/mi avg
6. 3.50 miles 38:10 10:55 min/mi avg
7. 3.53 miles 37:57 10:46 min/mi avg
8. 3.58 miles 39:38 11:04 min/mi avg
9. 2.65 miles 35:24 13:21 min/mi avg
10. 3.15 miles 33:13 10:32 min/mi avg
11. 2.98 miles 31:08 10:27 min/mi avg

Run 9 I injured my hip and had to stop part way round, so some of the time includes walking.

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  1. Wow! Thats an amazing set of challenges you've set yourself! You sound very driven an determined, so I have no doubt you'll succeed. Some brilliant causes that you're fundraising for too.
    I'm going to be climbing Ben Nevis on August and I'm petrified. I'm fat and unfit so have a lot of training to do!
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

  2. Brilliant!! I am desperate to get my knee sorted so I can get back to running again.... As and when I do... Want any company on these runs? They sound fun fun fun!!

  3. Oh and thanks for linking up!!


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