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Did your Christmas dinner table look like this afterwards?

Christmas dinner left overs

Lots of left overs and simply not enough pots to store everything in or space in the fridge.

Lucky for us we have a FoodSaver. The FoodSaver is a vacuum sealing system. To be honest I hadn't really heard of one before but if it enables me to waste less food and therefore save money I am definitely wanting to give it a try.

Breville Foodsaver

The FoodSaver works by vacuum packing food, removing air and therefore slowing down the decay process. Food still needs to be stored appropriately I.e. in the fridge or freezer but it is definitely a way to extend the life of a product.

breville foodsaver bags

The unit itself is easy to use featuring two buttons, one to seal and the other button vacuum seals. The plastic sheet is unrolled and you first seal the end, creating a bag. Measure out how much you need, leaving a gap to allow for sealing and then use the cutter to cut out a bag. Place food inside the bag, put the end of the bag in the drip tray and close the lid. If the lid is closed correctly the side hinges pop and show a green line.

green hinge

It took me a while to get the hinges to pop. You have to apply slight pressure on each side, but after a few goes I soon got the hang of it. For most foods simply press the main button to vacuum and seal. If the food is soft like strawberries, to prevent squashing press the seal button during the vacuum process. This ends the vacuum and seals the bag at that point.

vacuum sealed strawberries

That's it, the product is then vacuum sealed. The whole food item takes up much less space in the fridge or the freezer. Allowing me to see much better what food items I have. I the fore spend less because I don't over buy and there is less waste saving me money too. The unit fits neatly into a standard size kitchen cupboard.

I have also started sealing in a slightly larger bag, so that for things like sandwich meat I can open and reveal again. The sealing gets a little addictive and I look for food items to store using the  FoodSaver.

I was sent a FoodSaver for review.  All words are my own personal opinion 

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