thinking space

I was having one of those days today, and to be honest I still am.  Feeling a little fed up that I am not seeing any results from running.  My times don't seem to be getting faster and I don't feel any better at the minute.  Feeling frustrated that I cannot figure out why it takes at least 3 hour to get the girls to sleep at night.  Generally just a down day.

With my eldest at school and my youngest shopping with Grandma I took the opportunity to clear my mind and have some thinking space.  I have a need to be outdoors.  I cannot explain it but I just have a need to be outside walking or running.  Especially when I am having one of those days, I like to get outside and just wander.  

admiring the views

I think exploring is in me.  That sense of freedom and peace.  There are many places near me just to walk around and think and I feel very lucky for that.  

The fresh air did me some good and with views like these I felt more focused.  I think some times we all need to just step away from it all and reflect

dog thinking

This day I love thinking space

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  1. I have had those days I tell ya. I too had some thinking space today. I actually got to go to the gym for the first time since October and I finished my work out in the hot tub and it felt so great just to sit there in the heat of the hot tub with my eyes closed and no little person hanging off me. Sometimes we just need that break for some mental clarity. I found your post on BlogLovin, stop by sometime! :)

    1. Ive forgotten what that's like sitting there with no little person. I love just walking it really helps. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Totally feeling it! Love walking the dog on my own - always use it as my thinking time away from everything, I tend to ignore my phone which can be a ballache when I get back but it's nice just to get away from everything! )

    1. Other than using the phone for the photos I put it away too. Sometimes the fresh air and open space just helps


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