Too good to be true

I don't normally write posts of this type but today I need the space to let out my frustration.  

There are some items in your house you need, I am not talking items like a TV, if that breaks it might be an inconvenience but I could do without until we could find another.  Other items like boilers or ovens or toilets I class as more essential items and when they break I want a replacement or fixing the same day.

One of the essential items broke over the weekend and this meant my husband and I looked everywhere to find a replacement.  We needed the replacement to be within a certain budget and we struggled to find it.  Eventually we did and we were pleased we could find exactly what we wanted for the price we wanted, too good to be true.

We took a 30 minute drive to check on the item we wanted, as it was listed as new but ex display.  We checked the item it had no dents, no scratches, no marks and had all the original pieces still boxed up.  We looked at each other thinking this is too good to be true, they even offered to delivery the next day for free.  I knew we could manage for just one day, they said it would arrive by 10am, so we agreed.

The next day 10am came and went, nothing, 11am, 12, and so on until 2.30pm when they finally rang to say sorry it will be tomorrow now.  Great I thought, I hadn't planned on this.  They said 10am again, fine it is just one more night.

10am came and went, no sign again.  I thought to myself they cannot do the same thing again can they?  By 2pm I had had enough and rang them, I was informed they are on the way but will need help unloading and be there by 2.30pm.  I explained I had to do the school run, which is why we agreed morning.  Not a problem will be there before, I was promised.

They finally arrived at 2.30pm.  My Dad had come to help me as the item was heavy.  They wheeled it in and they pushed it into my kitchen.  I asked them to place it on the spare piece of carpet and my Dad and I put it on the carpet.  The owner [who also does the deliveries] pushed it off the carpet onto my tile floor, then pushed it back. Leaving huge scratches in the floor

scratches in the floordamaged floor

I took one look at the item and it was not the same as the one I had looked at in the shop.  There was a huge dent in the back.  By huge I mean like it had been run over.  My Dad told him politely to take it back, he refused.  My Dad asked again, he refused.  I asked, he refused.  My Dad told him to fix it, he said 'You have just done that damage you fix it'.  My Dad and I looked at each other in horror, he is accusing us of doing this damage.  He was unbelievable and incredibly rude.  His whole tactic was to intimidate me and my Dad, passing the blame onto us. 

He would not leave my house, he just stood there and argued with my Dad.  Blaming the damage on him, saying it was his fault and he had caused it and refusing to do anything about it.  My Dad was less than impressed as was I.  More than 2 hours passed and my Dad finally got him to leave.  With hindsight I should have called the police.

We started to un box the item further and discovered there were parts missing and further damage.  I was furious.  I rang them and was told that the missing items would be posted to me.  However my trust level was zero so I arranged to collect them at 10.30am today.  

I arrived at 10.30 today and they refused to answer the phone.  I finally got an answer at 11am and they said 5 minutes.  15 minutes later they arrived, gave me the items told me they didn't cover damage to the house and said my Dad had caused that damage as they dropped it outside.

I am beyond mad.  They told me time and time again, 'look how much money you have saved', 'you have got a great deal' but have I really? I have a damaged item, which I am now having to repair.  They damaged it but are refusing to accept fault.  I have a damaged kitchen floor but in their words 'Your Dad did that, he moved it into the house' 'You should have put something on the floor for us to use' 'We didn't take it in the house'.  I was late picking up my daughter from school because they refused to leave my house.  They messed around with delivery dates.  They intimidated me and my Dad in my own house, and were very abusive.  I had to do a 60 mile round trip to pick up the parts they forgot to deliver.

My question is therefore this, have I really got such a good deal?  I now need to pay for the repairs on the item, I need to buy a new kitchen floor.  My daughter is upset with me for the late pick up.  I wasted two days waiting for a delivery that never came.  I spent petrol to do a 60 mile round tip journey and wasted my time waiting.  The stress of this is still continuing.  It really was too good to be true.

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  1. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. It is making my blood boil reading it. Being messed around with delivery is bad enough but then everything else is just awful! I hope that no one else shops there. Xxx

    1. I hope no one else does, I am still so upset about everything.

  2. Oh good grief how awful for you. Damaged goods is bad enough but I would have felt so scared having that man in my house.

  3. How annoying! He sounds like a scary bloke. I think I'd have been tempted to ring the police. Hope you manage to sort things out. This is the trouble when something breaks unexpectedly and you don't really have the money to buy what you want. We bought a cheap washing machine when ours broke and it's really not very good, but overall it's not worth replacing for the sake of what doesn't work properly.


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