Mother's Day

What would your perfect Mother#s Day be?  Mine would just be spending a nice chilled day with the girls, having to do nothing and of course eating a lot of chocolate.  I am happy with a home made card from the girls and in terms of a gift, to be honest all I would like is some sleep!

There are lots of great ideas out at the moment for Mother's Day, here are my top five gifts ideas

1. A Good Book

As a Mum I would love some time to sit and escape into a good book.  There are plenty to choose from dependant on your Mums taste.  Relaxing and unwinding are a novelty for me at the moment and something I would love to do.

2. Relaxing

As above relaxing is such a novelty and a treat, taking your Mum out for a pamper day or even buying her some lovely presents for a pamper treatment at home would go down really well.

3. Chocolate

You cannot go wrong with chocolate on Mother's Day.  Even I, who am trying to be careful with what I eat can have a treat day, and I can think of no better day than Mother's Day.

4. Something personal / Home made

I love it when the girls make me things.  Home made and personalised gifts say so much more to me and something I can treasure forever.  They are my favourite presents from the girls

5. Breakfast in Bed

My girls are not old enough yet to make me breakfast in bed, but one day they will be.  A lovely way to start the day and it would be a great treat for me not to have to make breakfast in the morning.  Asda have this very cute set 

Breakfast in Bed

To help with Breakfast in Bed I am giving away a Elipta traditional kettle.  Entry is open to UK residents only and aged 18 and over.  The giveaway will close Midnight GMT on 6th March 2015.  Full T&C can be found on the widget. 

Mother's Day

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