Nosetastic experience

The girls were very excited this morning, they were told they could pick their nose for breakfast.  Really, they could pick their nose for breakfast.  The girls need a nutritious start to the day and what better way then to have some fun with a cereal that is made with 100% wholegrain wheat and is high in fibre and low in salt.

Weetabix strawberry offer the fun and nutritional value the girls, and I, need.  Especially for red nose day Weetabix have launched a special edition Strawberry flavour.  The strawberry is very suitable in the Weetabix so gives it a slight taste, which is great and not too over powering.  If you use milk with your Weetabix then the milk has a lovely suitable strawberry taste too.  

Weetabix strawberry

We could not wait to open the pack.  There is a lovely strawberry hint when you do, although the girls were a little disappointed the Weetabix were not pink.  Inside the pack is a special code which when gives you the chance to win one of many 'nosetastic' experiences.  There are 9 different experiences on offer and 50 runner up prizes to be won every week between 13/01/15 and 03/04/15

What are you waiting for why not try the new special edition strawberry Weetabix and pick your nose with the on pack promotion.

I received a pack of Strawberry Weetabix to try in exchange for this post.  All words are my own personal opinion 

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