Over in a Flash

I completed my 3rd Park run this Saturday, I think it is become addictive!  The running bug is certainly going through our house.  The girls ask every Saturday if they can come running with me, and every time I put on my gear they ask to come. 

Chil after a run

After some searching I discovered a Junior Park run close to us.  The junior park run is similar to the adult, it is a shorter route of 2K and is for 4-14 year olds.  The run starts at 9am, so I got the girls up early and got them ready.  They were very excited and so pleased to be running with Mummy.

Junior Park run

Both girls completed the 2K course.  Although my youngest was carried by Daddy for some of it.  As my eldest was registered she got a finishing time of 15:06 which I think for a 4 year old is very quick.

After our run we took the dogs out for a walk.  I think my girls have a mud magnet because they found the biggest mud pit they could and spent ages playing.  

playing in mudstuck in the mud

This weekend has gone far too fast.

This day I love Over in a flash 

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  1. Very impressive time for your daughter. My boys do the junior parkrun too and sometimes they take part in the 5k race on a Saturday along with their Dad. I think it's a fabulous event for the family to take part in together. x

  2. An impressive time for your daughter, she done really well. My boys take part in the junior parkrun on a Sunday and the 5k parkrun on a Saturday too, they love it! Love the muddy pictures x

  3. I think your eldest did really well, I hope she carries on, I love running with my boys now though I now struggle to keep up with them! thank you for sharing your run on Country Kids

  4. I think you're eldest daughter was quicker than me! I think I would have needed carrying! Thanks for linking up to Share A Smile. x

  5. awww, sounds like a great weekend !! Love the muddy pictures =D


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