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Learning British sign language is on the top of my wish list. It is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. When the girls were little I took them to baby sign and we had a basic introduction to British sign language BSL.

FlashSticks are a new way to learn a language. They are a fun and effective way to learn a new language. In partnership with post it notes, FlashSticks provide the prompt you need to continue learning. The FlashSticks can be stuck anywhere.

The girls and I have been sticking FlashSticks around the house.  We have walk stuck on the front door, and eat and drink are stuck on the fridge. They act as a constant visual representation of the words we are trying to learn, even sub consciously we are constantly learning the words.

BSL FlashSticks

FlashSticks come in a selection of languages and colours. The colours help to represent the masculine and feminine words, this was always something I struggled with when learning German and French at school. I can see them being very useful when my daughters start learning languages at school too as it will aid their learning.

As well as the notes there is also the free app. The app is brilliant for bringing the FlashSticks to life, which is key for understanding how to sign. The girls love scanning the FlashSticks with my phone and watching the sign demonstration.

The girls and I have decided to learn a word a day and so far things are going well. To keep track of our progress follow us over on Instagram and Facebook where I post regular updates.  I will also be keeping track of our progress over here on the blog.

We were sent FlashSticks free of charge to review.  All words are my own personal opinion

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