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I am pleased to announce that we have been selected to be party hosts for not one but two twitter parties. The first is this Thursday 26th February 1pm - 3pm. This will be a Doc McStuffins party. Our party boxes have arrived and everything looks fantastic. There will be games to play and even flashing shoes, as well as cake.

There are lots of Doc McStuffins toys from Smyths toys for our guests to play with.  You can win them too during the twitter party.  The dress up clothes provided and the games to play are going to be a lot of fun.  I know that the girls are going to love the craft activity and I am looking forward to sharing these with you during the twitter party.

Doc twitter party

During the twitter party there will be on the spot competitions, giveaways, and more games to take part in. Follow along with #docMcStuffins and whilst waiting why not visit for more fun Doc Mcstuffins activities and games.

The second date for your diary is Friday 6th march 3.45pm - 5.45pm.  

This twitter party is for Blaze and the Monster Machines.  The theme of this party is Science, Engineering, technology and maths [STEM].  These are topics I am really passionate about and so am very excited about the twitter party.  I have not yet received the boxes but I know there will be lots of fun and games to be had during the event.  Whilst waiting why not visit for more fun Blaze and the Monster Machines activities and games.  Hope to see you on March 6th, remember to follow #NickJrBlaze.

blaze twitter party

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