The Alphabet steps

My childhood house was near a park.  I spent many hour playing in this park and know it fairly well.  Although over the years things have changed, as new additions have been made and older items removed there is still a secret corner of the park, the Alphabet steps.

I loved these steps as a child and have fond memories of playing on them with my Mum and sisters.  Having visited the park recently I took the opportunity to show the girls the steps.

girls on the alphabet steps

The girls loved the steps and sang the alphabet as they climbed up them.  Some of the letters are a little faded but some are really clear to see.  The girls really loved it and loved looking for the letters too.

letters on the Alphabet steps

It was really great to watch the girls climb the steps and sing the alphabet, just as I had done with my sister.

This day I love the Alphabet steps. 

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  1. Oh how wonderful to be able to share this childhood memory with your children. It sounds like they were fun steps.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Alphabet steps, what a lovely idea and so nice to share your own childhood memories with your own kids.


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