Tiger in the woods

My Mummy could see a Tiger, and I really wanted to find one too.  I looked everywhere

Looking for a Tiger

I asked the ducks if they had seen one, but they did not seem to want to stay

Tiger and the ducks

I looked for clues on the ground

tiger hunting on the ground

I hunted through the trees

Tiger hunting in the tree

I could not find any clues anywhere

Tiger in the woods

I decided to climb up high to see if I could spot one

Tiger climbing up the tree

My Mummy saw the tiger, so I walked quickly to find it

Tiger goes for a walk

I still could not see it.  My Mummy told me to take a closer look

Youngest takes a selfie

Then I could see, that the tiger I was looking for was me

The tiger is me

This Day I love Tiger in the woods

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  1. Awww this is adorable! This needs to be made into a book I would totally read it to my children!

  2. How adorable, I love the idea. Your little one looks lost looking for the tiger in the woods. I love the little storyline you've put into it, it really brings the photos to life. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. brilliant, kept me hooked until the end, thank goodness you found it. over from #countrykids

  4. Oh, that is so adorable! Love the tiger suit! #countrykids


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