The Doc is in

Yesterday evening we hosted a twitter party.  The girls and I really enjoy the twitter parties, it is a chance for the girls to have their friends over to play and for dinner.  The twitter party yesterday was for Disney Juniors Doc McStuffins.  The girls were very excited as this is one of their favourite shows.

The girls were super excited when they saw inside our party box and could not wait for the party to start.  The Doc McStuffins party introduced everyone to eye tests and the dentist.

Doc McStuffins eye test

The twitter party had everything.  The first game was similar to pass the parcel, but featured dress up.  All our guests like dress up and to dress up in Doc McStuffins scrubs with pink shoes was certainly very appealing to our guests.  

Doc Mcstuffins scrubsall dressed up

After dressing up the eye tests began and of course for an eye test you need sunglasses. 

Pink Dr Scrubs and sun glasses

One of the favourite parts of any party is the cake, and the Doc McStuffins party was no different.  

slice of cakeParty cake

Dressing up and cake, the only way to follow this up was with colouring and craft activity.  The girls got to make their very own eye chart.  My youngest was so pleased that she got to do some cutting and sticking.   

colouring sheetYoungest crafting

The girls and their friends got to play with lots of Doc McStuffins toys.  This is always popular and it is great watching them all play together.  Smyths Toys were also involved with the twitter party and they gave away £100 voucher to spend in store during the party.  I would buy more Doc McStuffins flashing shoes if I had won it, have a look on my instagram for the video.

After all the excitement of flashing shoes, cake, dressing up and crafting it was time to wind down with a game of tick tack toe, Doc McStuffins style.

concentrating playing games

We had a great time and hope you joined us for the Doc Mcstuffins twitter party.  I would like to say a big thank you to , Disney Junior, and Smyths toys.  Look forward to the next one. 

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  1. It looks like so much fun. And dressing up is the best part of any party!

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