Spots, squiggles and stripes

Dear Sister

I want to be big, just like you

I want to sit and read my stories, the way you do

I want to be able to reach up high

and grab those toys down from the sky

I want to sing Let it go really loud

and spin and dance and twirl around

I want to sound out letters and learn to write

I want to practise every night

I want to be four, not three or two

I want to do this because I love you

So help me sister as I doodle and draw

I am only little and have to start small

For one day all these squiggles will be

Beautiful letters like you do for me

Our book from Parragon has helped me lots

By doodling squiggles, stripes and spots

Thanks to Parragon Books for sending my youngest an amazing activity book that makes her feel grown up like her 4 year old sister.

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  1. I have this situation with my two, LM is desperate to grow up and wants to be just like her big brother.

  2. that's beautiful, the reality with my boys was being as big as the other so they could win a


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