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My eldest daughter is wanting to learn how to tie shoe laces. We have a doll at home which has buttons, laces and zips etc on it but the laces are just too short and she cannot practise on it. This is the case with most things, the laces tend to be just too short for small children to practise with.

I have been hunting to find a tool for her to use, with longer laces. Other than the shoes themselves, as these are often covered in mud and I don't want them sat in bed with her. Zip it seemed to have the answer.

Zip it is a book of fastenings. It is beautifully illustrated by Fhiona Galloway which aids to little ones wanting to learn. My youngest daughter has had lots of fun zipping up the frogs mouth, popping the cats collar and unbuttoning the pigs nose. Each page shows you how the fastenings work too, which is a great visual aid for children.

My eldest though has been helping the mice with the laces. She has been practising non stop since we got the book and I have noticed some improvement. Whilst not fully there yet she is getting better.

Zip it is the perfect book to act as a guide for children to learn all about fastenings. With beautiful illustrates and text to match.

We were sent Zip it to review, all words are my own opinion. 

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  1. I wish we'd had this when my son was younger. He could probably still benefit from it now as we still haven't mastered laces.


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