Thanks to soft play and Netflix

Just in case you have been wondering where I have been recently I thought I would update you.

At the end of last year I made a decision that I wanted to study for my diploma in Digital Marketing with Web analytic and metrics.  Digital marketing is something I really enjoy and working freelance in Social Media marketing I thought it would be a good way to improve my skills.  Having already got the practical experience the theory would be an added advantage.

I set aside one day a week which I devote totally to studying as well as some evening study too.  It has been a real insight into the theory behind what I am doing.  I had an assignment due in at the end of March and was busy getting everything together before I started writing.  All this changed when I had an email last Friday saying they wanted a draft copy in today, eek!

The 4,000 word assignment was not an easy one, and as this is all distance learning it requires a lot of discipline.  I had to put my youngest into full time nursery this week and whilst my eldest is at school the assignment has taken priority.  I have fallen behind on my emails, blogging and the house work.  Evenings have meant a quick take away and with no running or other exercise I am feeling big this week.

Last weekend I took the girls to soft play and sat on a table surrounded by my books writing out my assignment, I must have looked a right sight

working whilst at Soft play

During the week with no children I have had to keep my self focused, I cannot work in silence as I get distracted and so have to have the TV or radio on.  I have grown slightly addicted to Netflix whilst doing my assignment, as they always have something I can just put on.

Netflix is now part of my TalkTalk package, as I already have a Netflix subscription.  I would put on something as background noise during my assignment and when I could sit and watch Netflix I would put on one of my favourite shows.  I have grown addicted to Grimm and Orange is the new black, both of which are on Netflix. 

It has been a really busy week, with nothing much happening other than assignment writing.  I submitted my draft last night and am awaiting back feedback.  1 of 3 assignments done.  I just want to say a big thank you to Soft play for keeping the kids entertained this weekend [never thought I would say that], to TalkTalk for having Netflix so I could have it on on my TV and of course to NetFlix for having a great choice giving me something to either watch or just for the background noise.

This day I love thanks to soft play and Netflix

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