I love driving.  In my previous job I used to average 150 miles a day.  I sometimes miss the journeys I did and the chance to listen to my audio books as I drove round the country.  Other times I am very happy with the driving I do now.  Nowadays I tend to drive 10 miles a day on average and have decided that my next car will be an electric car, as I really don't drive far enough to justify not to.

My love for driving was part of the reason I chose to go tank driving for my hen party.  It was here we discovered my younger sisters driving habits.  I love my sister but she has a no fear attitude to her driving.  As she has gotten older she has calmed down a lot but back in her younger days she was one of the worst drivers I knew [sorry sister].

tank driving

At my hen party we had a try in some speed buggies.  They have no steering wheels, just handles on the left and right sides to steer the cars and accelerator and brake pedals.  After our debrief we were told that the buggies are safe, no one has ever flipped one and to just go for it on our timed lap.  It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of giggles.  My sister however took her fearless attitude and went for it, she flipped the buggy.

flipped buggy

buggy on fire
She was fine and wanted to go again.  After her buggy experience, she went on to have driving lessons and I am guessing my Parents would have loved to have fitted a More Than SM>RT wheels Box in order to give my sister a telematics Driving Style Score.  It would have helped lower her car insurance in those early days.  I think secretly she would have loved trying to better her score too, looking at her breaking and accelerating.  She does enjoy a challenge.

happy sister driver

Do share with me your driving stories, I would love to hear them.

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