Bucket list travel destinations

by - 08:16

There are many places I would like to go and lots I want to see.
Having thought very long and hard, it has been difficult to pick just three
So here are my choices, a drum roll please
First on my list, it's got to be Belize

plane window and snowBelize is some where I have longed to go for such a long time
Unspoiled islands, rainforests and many gold mines
Diving the great blue hole and exploring lighthouse reef
My idea of paradise, at least that's my belief

Next on the list is much closer to home
Just across the waves and the foam
I would love to go and take a tour of Ireland
A costal drive before visiting further in land

My final choice is not a place but a marvel
I really want to see the Northern lights dance and sparkle
An adventure I would never forget
A dream come true, the winning bet

Transun are offering this dream come true
To see the Northern lights for two
My toes and fingers are crossed tight
that they pick me to see this marvellous sight

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