Counting pennies

Both girls have their own money boxes which they love to put pennies in.  Their current trick is to visit their Grandparents and empty the small change jar into their pockets, come home and put the money into their money box.  It certainly is an interesting way to save.

Last week we noticed that their money boxes were becoming a little full, so I sat down with both girls to count and empty them.  First this started out as a sorting game, which my youngest at 2 really enjoyed.  Having the girls find the same colour and size coins and place in a pile kept them amused for some time.

Part of my eldest homework at school at the moment is talking about coins, their denominations and value.  We began doing simple calculations with the coins, which then prompted both girls to ask if they had enough to visit Minnie Mouse boat again.  The girls then listened as I talked to them about saving up their pennies so they had enough to do nice things, like Minnie Mouse Boat.  

The girls helped me count the pennies up and place them into bags ready to go to the bank.  My eldest then got a little upset as she wanted to know why her money was going to the bank.  I explained that the bank would look after her money so she could save up more, and that Mummy and Daddy put their money into the bank.

The sun was shining the next morning and I decided to take a trip to the bank and make a day of it.  The girls watched with amazement as the lady counted their money very quickly and asked them what they were saving up for.  Both replied 'Minnie Mouse boat' [a Disney holiday or cruise].

After the bank the sun was still shining so we decided to make the most of the day.  The girls enjoyed the sunshine and needed to cool down.  It was time to make use of one of their favourite free activities, the fountains.  

Enjoying the sunshine

The girls had a wonderful day playing in the sunshine and visiting the bank for the first time.  They both want to go on a Disney cruise again and have decided to save their pennies, even refusing a ginger bread man from the bakers and opting to put the money in their money boxes.  Shhhh don't tell them put we are saving up to take them next year.

This day I love Counting Pennies.

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