Magic Bulb

I won't lie I love gadgets.  I love new ideas and innovative products as well as technology.  I was given the opportunity to try a new product recently and I actually got very excited at the opportunity.

I was sent a Magic bulb to try.  I simply love the idea of this.  The Magic bulb is an energy efficient LED light bulb.  The LED bulb is capable of producing 240 lumen and is available in bayonet or Edison screw fix base.  The Magic bulb then becomes clever.  As you can use it as both a bulb and a torch.

The Magic bulb when used as a torch or as an emergency light is child proof, there are no small parts, it does not get hot and it is light weight and durable.  This makes it perfect for those emergency situations.  The Magic bulb recharges by connecting back as a light bulb.  

Magic Bulb

The Magic bulb contains a switch which has 3 positions:

Bottom switch: Can be used as a normal light bulb (when electricity supply is on, light stays on. When electricity supply is off, light stays off.)

Middle switch: Rapid recharging for the built in rechargeable battery and light will stay off.

Top switch: Light always stay on when electricity supply is switched on (but when electricity supply is switched off, light will stay on for 3 hours provided the built in battery is fully charged).

I mainly use the Magic bulb as a torch, it has come in very handy in the middle of the night and when we had a power cut a few weeks ago.  As it charges via a light fitting it was also great to take on holiday with us, and I did not need to take a charger.  I am very impressed with the Magic Bulb

LED magic bulb

I was sent a Magic bulb for the purpose of review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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