Review : Tomy bath toys and Boon bath tidy

Bath time in our house is always lots of fun.  Both girls love the bath and have a real love for water.  It perhaps goes without saying that the girls have lots of bath toys.  They have everything from squirting fish, to flashing ducks, to boats and pouring cups.  Bath toys tend to be quite awkward to store.  Leaving water sitting in the bottom of a tub can result in mould forming on the toys, which is not good.

There is a great solution to storing bath toys, the Boon bath tidy.  The Boon bath tidy has a fun yet practical design.  Featuring an animal which is bright and colourful for the kids and a removable scoop to scoop up the bath toys.  Bath toys can be scooped up and then the scoop is replaced back onto the Boon tidy.  The scoop contains water holes, so as to not store the toys in water.  This means all the bath toys can be scooped up in one go and then left to dry, whilst stored neat and tidy.

Boon bath tidy

The girls have a new favourite toy in the bath, a rocket ship from Tomy.  The rocket ship dives into the bath to pick up water and then blasts into the sky.  As it flies high into the sky water flows out of the rocket ship like a shower, which is perfect for washing little ones hair.  There is even a cheeky starfish on board

Making a waterfall in bath

tomy rocket bath toy

The girls really have lots of fun in the bath thanks to the Tomy rocket ship, and I get to tidy up with ease thanks to the Boon bath tidy.

We were sent a Boon bath tidy and Tomy bath toy for review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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