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Pearl and Silk Facial Mask

My house mate and I decided to try this today before a first date she’s going on tonight. I figured this would be a good excuse for some pampering. The instructions say to apply after cleansing so I started with a gentle oil based cleanser so as to not exfoliate my skin too much before the treatment. I really liked the pump dispenser on the bottle, it made application more like using a face wash and saved me from scooping product from a tub and getting it all stuck under my nails. 

Unlike most face masks I've used, once applied, this one was pretty much invisible – hence no photos of me wearing the mask. It made my face a little shiny but mostly undetectable. Initially we both thought the mask had the feel of witch hazel, making our skin feel fresh and tingly. We left the mask for 10 minutes or so as instructed. It didn't really dry or tighten much like other masks but we could tell it was 'setting'. Whilst rinsing the mask we both noticed our skin felt much softer once the water touched it, then afterwards left us with a lovely refreshing coolness to our skin. 

I love the smell of this product – it’s like a soft, powdery, witch hazel scent. Very refreshing! Overall it left our skin feeling tighter and smoother. I'm not sure if it’s my new favourite - I usually go for something thicker and creamier with a bit more of a scrub, but I like this product, and I think if you are after something more age-defying (which at 25 I'm not quite there yet) then I'd recommend this!

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Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub

I love this scrub. It left my skin feeling so fresh and cleansed after my weekend sins! The directions stated to use after cleansing; which I found a little unusual because generally i’d like to double up a scrub as a cleanser as well, but that’s just me being lazy I suppose. I started with the same oil based cleanser as before, I thought best not to irritate my skin too much before using this. The product was surprising gentle however – a dark grey, creamy wash with tiny sugar like beads. It smells amazing, similar to the mask but slightly more soapy. I reckon you could use this without cleansing before hand to wash away make-up a few times a week – although I wouldn't do this daily. I think the scrub was similar to the mask in a lot of ways but for the final result I personally prefer the scrub – simply because it’s more of what I look for in a product. It left me feeling refreshed and gave my skin a softer feel. I would recommend this product as an occasional skin reviver after heavy nights or busy weeks!

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