Silliness and fairy fun

Some days are full of fun.  

I had won tickets to see Ready, Steady, Colour in Huddersfield.  It looked great fun and I was so pleased to be picked as one of the winners.  We arrived in Huddersfield and were shown to our table.  The minute we stepped inside the girls began to giggle.  The waiters were so funny and amazingly good with children.

Choosing from the menu

The girls made their choices from the menu and were then given mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise.  This was of course yellow paint, red paint, and glue.  We were also given some salt and pepper, glitter.

Our paint

Our dinner soon arrived and the girls got stuck in.  Their imagination went wild and they coloured everything in.  Of course whilst we were having our dinner the waiters and cook continued to entertain the girls.

fish,chips and chilli peasone cherry cake

The girls tummies were soon full of laughter and their imaginations were full to bursting they could not eat another bite.  Lucky for us we could take away our creations.

ready steady colour

After an amazing lunch there was only one thing left to do, take a walk and look for fairies.  

one very happy fairy

The fairies were very well hidden.  We looked in the castle

exploring the castle

We even looked inside some beautiful flowers

pretty pink flower

We went deeper and deeper into the bluebells woods looking for the fairies.  

fairies in the woods

The big fairies went hunting in bluebell woods, until they found a fairy in the garden.  They didn't find just any fairy they found Tinkerbell

found a fairy

This day I love Silliness and fairy fun

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