Review : Barkbeats

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J and spotty dog were in need of some cheering up. It appears the Easter bunny was unable to bring them some chocolate and they really wanted a treat over Easter. A knock was heard at the door and a special delivery just for them arrived.

Special delivery for our dogs

The postman brought J and spotty dog their very own parcel full of treats. Barkbeats contained a whole box full of goodies just for them. Chocolate drops, pooch and mutt treats, mini bites and a Kong squeaky toy. It even had a flashing light to attach to their collar, perfect for night walks.

Barkbeats box

The Barkbeats box was well packaged and very dog friendly. It is such a lovely idea to have something delivered every month for your dog. Every month you can win 3 free boxes by entering their Facebook contest and if you would like £5 off your first box simply use the code ILOVE

If you want to treat your best friend Barkbeats is such a lovely way to do so.

We received a Barkbeats box to review, all words are my own opinions. 

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