The tooth fairy

My eldest daughter has a wonderful imagination.  She loves role play and any chance to get her imagination working.  Often when she comes home from school she likes to draw, I think it is a great way for her to unwind from school.  I asked her to draw me a picture of the tooth fairy

eldest drawing

She got her thinking hat on and drew a beautiful picture of a fairy with wings and lots of hair.  I asked her what the tooth fairy did with all the teeth, so she drew a picture of a hand with a bag in it.  The hand is the tooth fairies holding a bag she keeps teeth in.  

Tooth fairy picture

She then went on to tell me that the fairy uses the teeth to build herself a big house.  Here are my daughters thoughts on the tooth fairy

I love how her creative mind works.  Thinking through and providing solutions.  She certainly  #dontfearthefairy.

This day I love the tooth fairy

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