Toastie to the top

I have to say I get a little frustrated with our toaster, in fact most toasters.  They seem to have two settings

1.Warm bread
2. Burnt to a crisp

To get the toast done correctly you have to set to warm bread, then put the toast back in on a warm bread setting and manually pop about half way through.  Pure guess work.  You even have to turn the slice over on the second time to ensure you toast the whole slice.  A huge pain.

Warbuton's have decided to tackle the problem and create a toaster to make the perfect slice of toast.  The toaster fits the Warburton’s ‘Toastie’ bread perfectly, however we have wholemeal bread so were keen to test the toaster with this.

The toaster seemed to have additional settings to the ones listed above, it actually had a toast function.  Not only this it has a 'Lift & Look' function allowing me to check on the progress without interrupting the toast cycle.  

Warburton's toaster

First test was can it create the perfect toastie?  There is nothing worse than making a toastie in the toaster and the top doesn't get warm.  We opted for cheese and ham, and the girls were very pleased with the results as was I, toasted all the way to the top

toast up to the top

As always the girls wanted a creative lunch so we had rabbits and squirrels. 

Warburton's toasties

One of the girls favourite dinners is beans and sausage on toast with cheese.  I decided to put the Warburton's toaster to the test.

We are pleased to report that the Warburton's toaster was a success and finally I have a toaster that toasts to the top!

Warburton's toast

I was sent a Warburton's toaster in exchange for this post, all words are my own. 

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