Flashsticks update May

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Unfortunately our flashsticks journey took a bit of a pause during April, the girls and I both ended up poorly and we spent most of April in bed ill. However May is a whole new month and after the initial birthday start we have had a few good weeks of learning.

A recent blogger event saw one blogger saw in general conversation to her toddler, ' I am sorry I don't know the sign for bread and butter' to which I instinctively signed it. This struck me as interesting it was instinct, I didn't need to think about it I could just do it. Flashsticks seems to be working and the signs seem to finally be sinking in.

I saw a recent video of a lady signing along to uptown funk you must watch it as it's fantastic

So inspired by this I have set myself a challenge, for my June update I would like to sign a song. Nothing this complicated but something more complex than happy birthday, which we did this month. I thought it would be nice to ask you, so leave me your suggestions below and I shall do my best to learn the sign for them.

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