What the girls packed on holiday

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It is time for our needed family holiday. We are very lucky to be going to Portugal thanks to a competition I won at Britmums last year to stay in a James villa. The girls are very excited and looking forward to going. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite items the girls have packed

The girls have been busy looking through clothing catalogues and online shopping to show me what they would like.  They have two pairs of footwear each one for day and other for evening. For the day I bought a beautiful pair of sandals from Marks and Spencer's, I love how they unfasten from the back. For evening they have a pair of Soludos from Sunuva. These are great slip on shoes and come in a huge range of patterns.

I always buy them a couple of shorts and t shirts from primark. They grow so fast and get so dirty that clothes which do not cost lots of money are essential. I also came across a beautiful pink star dress whilst in Primark which she loves to wear. All of these clothes are cotton so their skin can breathe easier in the warm weather.

the girls in their cotton dresses

The girls tried to pack lots of jumpers and vests but I have taken these out. They do have a cardigan and hoodie each in case it gets cold and these are from Matalan. Should we need a nice dress for an evening excursion the girls have a beautiful cotton dress from Sunuva each. These will keep them nice and cool in the hot weather.

The girls love looking at the fashion on sports direct as they do many of the girls favourite characters as clothing and shoes. They have both found a frozen t shirt from sports direct and my youngest has 2 Minnie Mouse themed dresses. The girls love looking online for their clothes and especially enjoy holiday shopping.

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