Let's get into Lego

I loved Lego as a child.  Spending hours creating whatever your imagination could come up with.  The girls up until recently have had Duplo, but never Lego.  My youngest was given two boxes for her birthday and the girls seem to be hooked.  Coming home from school last week my eldest has asked for the Lego as soon as she walks through the door.

playing with Lego after School

On Thursday my eldest had the day off school, as her school was being used as a polling station.  We needed a few things for summer and so we headed out to go shopping.  

My daughter usually makes a dash straight for the Disney store, but today she went to the shop next door.  She went straight to the Lego store and promptly started looking around.  She was amazed by how much Lego there was and started choosing what she would like for her birthday.  

It would appear that our Lego journey has begun and I am looking forward to where it will take us.

This day I love Let's get into Lego

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