Joseph Joseph lock block

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Having young children in the house I try to make the house as safe as possible. This is of particular importance in the kitchen. My girls help me to cook dinner, obviously supervised, and generally help me in the kitchen. I have been placing our knives out of their reach for sometime, yet I have always wanted a safer solution.

Joseph Joseph Lock Block

The Joseph Joseph lock block offers such a solution. It can accommodate any brand of knife meaning that you can keep your existing knives and don't have to buy new. The Joseph Joseph lock block differs to other knife blocks in that it has a very special safety feature. In order to remove knives from the block you need to squeeze a button on the side. The button is placed in such a way that it needs an adult size hand to squeeze it. The button then releases the knives from the block.

The Lock Block was sent for review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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  1. what a great idea! i have the same problem as my son likes to sit on the work surface and watch me cook.


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