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We recently made the journey over to Scarborough for the day for a very special experience. The sea life centre had opened a new penguin walk through experience, which guarantees you to get up close with the Penguins. My Mum loves penguins and we had adopted one from the centre so I knew this would be a great treat for her too.

The girls love the sea life centres and loved watching all the different marine life. One of my personal favourites is the turtle as there is something so magical about them.

magical turtles
We took our time looking around before we headed outside to the Penguins. The keeper managed the gates to the encounter and when it was our turn they let us through. The Penguins are free to come and go, should they choose to come up to you they can, or they can have their own space. Each penguin has a south facing nesting box and an identity band.

Some of the Penguins were more curious than others and would come right up to you. The keepers advised us not to touch them. The Penguins reminded me of young children as they were fascinated with anything that dangled, keys, shoe laces, bag straps as an example. One of them get very close and even tried to take my mums shoe.

Penguins at Sea Life

The Penguins are very clearly well loved and well looked after. The extra enrichment of people seems to add something to their daily life and as they have the choice to interact or not removes the stress from the Penguins. The keepers manage the entrance and exits so as to not stress the Penguins or allow any escape attempts.

We stayed to watch the Penguins feeding and I was surprised at the size of the fish some of them eat whole. It was a truly wonderful experience and one I would encourage people to try.

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