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My eldest wants to have hair like Rapunzel, I am probably guessing most 4 year old girls do too. One of the big problems we have is as her hair grows longer is the amount of water it holds after swimming lessons. The backs of her clothes are often wet through by the time we get home, as no matter how much I try I cannot dry her hair.

We have started using the cuddle dry twist after her swimming lessons. This clever little towel goes onto your head, like a hood. The back then twists up and into a special loop on the top of your head. This holds the towel into place. The cuddle dry twist then keeps all the wet hair away from her body whilst she gets dry and gets dressed. The other advantage is I then also have a dedicated towel for drying her hair after swimming which is super absorbent and super soft.

keeping hair dry after swimmingcuddle dry twist

The cuddle dry twist is perfect for helping my daughter to dry her hair and keep wet hair out of the way whilst she gets ready. Easy to use and small enough to not take up much room in an already packed swimming bag.

 The cuddle dry twist was sent to us for review.  All words are my own opinion

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  1. I love the look of this. I have heard such great things about cuddledry products xx


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