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My youngest daughter loves going on adventures, she loves to explore and discover new things. Like most children she loves travelling on buses, trains and airplanes. On one of our trips we went to London for the day and she was amazed by the whole city. She could not believe the amount of buses that kept going past, each one brought about it a whole new excitement. She loved that we got to travel on lots of trains, the underground. She really loved all the tunnels in the underground station. London through the eyes of a child is a magical place.

Perhaps rather fitting for my daughter she was given a wonderful gift of Binky Bear and the book Binky Bear goes to London. The story follows Binky Bear and his adventures in London as he tries to have tea with the queen. Sounds like something my youngest would do. There is even a map in the book so that you can follow Binky Bears adventures. My youngest would love to follow the Binky bear trail and hopefully on our next trip to London we can do.

The rhyme in the book makes it particularly enjoyable to my daughter at the age of 3 and she loves to listen to the beautiful story whilst cuddling her Binky bear. The story is beautifully illustrated so to bring the story to life. Binky bear makes a wonderful gift and a perfect birthday present for my youngest daughter.

Binky bear gift set

Binky bear was sent for us to review, all words are my own opinion 

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