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If your 3 year old is anything like mine then they often want to help with everything that you do. Take yesterday as an example, I was washing down the cupboard fronts after my daughter decided to pour honey down the front of them. She decided she would help me with the use of cotton wool, cotton wool and honey make a very interesting mix.

Today she decided she wanted to wash the kitchen door using a baby wipe with soap on it. Yes it took me ages to get the soap smears out of the door but I guess she is at least helping. The thing that scares me the most is when she picks up my sweeping brush, obviously it is too big for her so when she swings round we have those comedy ducking and jumping movements to avoid being hit by the brush.

I guess it rather fitting then that we have been sent a Casdon little helper to review. It does come with assembly which I would advise assembling whilst your little one is not present as it was a real struggle with mine constantly running off with pieces or trying to assemble herself. Also on assembly do not be afraid to apply pressure to the main trolley else the uprights will pop out very easily.

Once assembled the trolley is very light weight and easy to push. We have had a few topple incidents as it is very lightweight but these are occurring less frequently now she is getting used to the trolley. When the trolley did topple non of the items fell out which I guess shows how good the trolley is at keeping cleaning pieces in.

The only real disappointment for my daughter was that there was no where for her to put her baby. A minor point really as it is not intended as a trolley for babies, but I guess to a 3 year old she wanted somewhere for her baby to sit whilst she cleaned up.

The Casdon little helper really does have everything your little helper needs to help clean up.

The Casdon Little helped was sent in exchange for a review. All words are my own opinion. 

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