Unexpected events

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This Sunday the girls and I were going to go and visit a farm who are preparing for open farm Sunday. Open farm Sunday is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to find out more about farms and the great work they do. Discovering more about how our food is produced and how farmers help manage the countryside. Every farm taking part in open farm Sunday can run their own events and often include things like pond dipping, tractor rides, farmers markets and picnics. I was excited to take the girls as it sounded like an amazing opportunity for us, unfortunately disaster struck.

After 3 hours of driving we could not find our farm. Not familiar with the local area we drove round in circles and got very lost. The farmer was very understanding and even recommended alternate places for us so as to not waste a day out. We will have to find a farm near to us for open farm Sunday on the 7th June in order for us to make the most of the event.

After all the time spent driving around in circles I only had another hour before we had to set off back home. We stumbled across a little farm tucked off the dual carriage way and decided to explore. At least this way the girls got to see something rather than a wasted journey. The farm wasn't an ordinary farm, it was instead for horses. It had an indoor and outdoor horse jumping arena and some stables. The girls even found a playarea.

Youngest in play area

The girls stretched their legs on the play area and burned off some energy before we headed to the stables. The owners had very kindly let us have a look around as I explained to them our situation. We even got to see some of the horses jumping.

in the horse stable

Watching the horses jump and the young girls ride the horses seemed to spark something in my eldest daughter. She is still too small to ride a horse so instead she opted to play her new computer game Star Stable

Star Stable is a virtual horse game.  You download the game onto your computer and then log in via your own account.  You can complete quests, take part in horse riding competitions and even train your own horse.  The graphics are great and you get a real sense of riding around the island of Jorvik.  The game does allow instant messaging and so I supervise my daughter whilst she plays.  If you have friends who play the game you can also play together.  

Whilst the day ma not have gone exactly to plan both girls had a lovely time with the horses and now both girls can play Star Stable to fuel their horse riding passion.

This day I love unexpected events

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