Family Travel

As my daughters get older we are planning more family adventures together.  Our travels so far have included amazing places both home and abroad.  The girls love to explore new places and experience new things just as I do.  

The cost of our holiday has started to increase, not only as the age of our children now mean that we pay full price on flights but also as we have to now book our holidays during school holiday.  We can no longer take advantage of travelling in term time.  Although there could be circumstances when this is not possible.  Another possibility for us lies with voucher and discount sites, check this out for more great offers.

Our family also extends to our dogs too.  Wherever possible we love to include them in our family travel plans.  Travelling with dogs also includes added premiums as we are charged per dog.  Many places only allow one dog, which means we cannot visit them.  Spotty dog has not yet been on a holiday with us, we cannot wait to see her first experience of a beach.  

Family travel doesn't have to be a long holiday, it can be day trips or even a short one night stay.  We are planning trips to take the girls to the seaside and are very fortunate that we have a wonderful beach at Scarborough which is just over an hour away.  The dogs are welcome too making it a great day out for the whole family.

Travel is very much part of this family and this blog.  My blog logo is taken on one of my favourite beaches at Filey.  A dog friendly clean beach that has plenty of space to run around and explore.  J had his first holiday in Scotland where he spent all day either running in the large field at the side of our hotel or running on the beach, he was a very happy dog.

Our favourite place to visit so far as a family has been our Disney cruise we did last year.  I thought I would have been very seasick but actually only felt the boat move once and am now totally addicted.  The girls loved the fun and magic on board the Disney Magic and myself and my husband loved watching how happy they were.  Everything was taken care of and it was a real stress free holiday full of adventure.

The current top of our wish list is to take the girls to see Father Christmas at Lapland.  We are saving up to take them and whilst we wanted to go this year we may have to look at next.  It has been a dream of mine to see the northern lights and so would love to see them and take the girls to Lapland at the same time.

Whilst the girls are wanting desperately to go back on the Disney cruise, I would also love to experience other cruise ships and cruise companies.  How do they differ or are all cruises the same?  I wonder if we have been bitten by the Disney cruise line bug or is it that we just loved the cruise itself?  I would love to know

It is clear that we have a lot more adventures to come as a family both at home and away.  I am looking forward to sharing the experiences here on this day I love.

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