A colourful Sunday

My eldest daughter asks every morning if she can go for a run.  I love this in her and that she wants to be active and be outdoors.  Her face lit up when I told her we were off for a run this morning and she quickly got ready.  

We proceeded to a local park for the colour run.  Both girls were very excited as they spotted the mascots from various sports team walking round.  The mascots kicked off the colour run with a mascot race, which was rather comical.  Thankfully ParaTed was on scene. 

It was then time to enter the colour pit, which the girls loved.

Both girls then wanted to throw some paint, so I stood and braced myself as they threw orange paint at me

the girls throw paint

It was time for the run.  I followed the 5K course whilst the girls and their Dad did a fun run in the park, which also involved stopping off at the swings and throwing paint!

running 5k

The colour run was great fun which the girls loved, they thought it was really funny when we called at the supermarket with me looking like this.

after the colour run

I decided to create a quick video of the day using the RealTimes app.  I met the team from RealTimes at Britmums Live and have been looking for an excuse to try out the app.  RealTImes offers photo and video storage and the ability to create stories and albums.  I have even entered this video into their Ultimate family moments competition, as this is the perfect way to remember a wonderful day out with the family and the girls asking to do more running!

This day I love a colourful Sunday

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  1. I bet you caused a stir in the supermarket! I love the sound of the colour run, a real family event with a splash of fun and colour too. Well done your eldest and I hope she keeps up her running. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


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