A Fab Fajitas Challenge

The team from Santa Maria were at Britmums Live handing out fajitas kits and challenging us to tell them how we eat fajitas at home.  We are huge fajitas fans in our house but we don't have a special secret recipe or an extra ingredient to add in for us the fun is the fajitas.

In our house fajitas mean family time.  Everything is placed in the middle of the table and we all help ourselves, even the girls.  This encourages the girls to be independent, to think about what they are eating and how much and teaches them to share.  

Fajitas are also fab because we can pack them full of peppers and onions and the girls eat them!  The girls like to roll up empty wrap to pretend they are pirates who 'I spy' the fajitas mixture.  They help themselves to the mixture and create the wraps themselves.  This helps with creativity and imagination.

While most people see the fajitas as simply a dinner in our household they are fab!

eldest and fajitas happy fajitas

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