Getting vitamins into children

I really struggle to get vitamins into my eldest daughter.  She is not a fussy eater but she is a minimalist eater.  She won't eat unless she is hungry and I struggle to get what should be her daily intake in her.  She does love to drink so I make her smoothies and fruit juices as a way to compensate what she won't eat.

Nature's Best recently got in touch to see if my eldest would try their teeth friendly chews.  The chews smell great, berry/Forest fruit and are easy to chew.  My youngest will happily take them.  There are 21 nutrients per tablet and it is one a day with a meal.  I thought they would be ideal but my eldest would not even entertain the idea of them.  This is however true for any vitamin.

At Blog on I saw the answer to my problems, More drinks.  Their range 'Get more' vitamins and minerals and 'A little more' were perfect.  Each drink is flavoured water with added vitamins and minerals.  The Get more vitamins range I have been using after my runs to aid my training as they replenish the vitamins and minerals lost during a workout. 

The Little more range is perfect for the girls and my eldest finally gets additional vitamins she needs.  We have them after our swimming lessons

A little more drink after swimming

The drinks taste great and I look forward to my Get more minerals drink after my run.  The girls love them too and now opt to choose those over any other drink when we are out shopping.

Get more drinks

The perfect way to get more vitamins and minerals into your diet.

I was sent a selection of More drinks in exchange for a review.  All words are my own opinion 

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