May running update

This weekend I made a trip down the motorway to Derby to take part in my first half marathon.  I had decided to book a hotel room for the night in order to get a good night sleep prior to the run.  I was pleasantly surprised as I booked the hotel at the last minute but it was really nice.

I booked a night at the Pentahotel Derby, which was 0.5 miles from the start line.  As parking was £3 for hotel guests I also knew I would have a parking space for race day and could walk to the start line.  The room was clean and comfy and had a large TV on the wall.  I wish I had got there earlier so I could have laid in bed to watch TV.

Pentahotel bed

I loved all the little touches in the room, the fact there was a charge point by the bed was a huge plus and I did not need to untuck the bed sheets which meant I could get straight into bed was a bonus.

pentahotel derby

After a good night sleep I made my way over to the iPro stadium for the start of the race

ipro stadium start line

I was beginning to get very nervous, my first half marathon was about to begin.  The run began and I got myself into my own pace, I watched as the faster runners went past but to be honest I was not bothered.  I was in my own world and rather happy.  Around the 2 mile I began to realise how hot it actually was and could not wait for the water station.  The event was incredibly well organised with a water station every 3 miles and St Johns Ambulance seemed to be at every turn.

I continued my run, passing beautiful scenery and villages.  The support was fantastic with the people of Derby lining the streets cheering us on and handing out biscuits.  At the 5 mile point the route began to change into countryside and as my mind was starting to drift, perhaps with the heat, I bumped into a wonderful lady who stayed with me for the rest of the run.

The Ramathon was such an amazing run, I was so impressed at how well organised it was and by the support from the crowds.  Even with runners experiencing difficulties we would help each other and support each other.  I met a friend for life and am already looking at the date for next year.

I completed my first half marathon in a time of 2 hours 39 minutes and 20 seconds, this does include a slight run detour [as I spotted a public toilet], and the stop we had to make to let the ambulance past us to get to another runner.  Overall I am really pleased with my time.

the ramathon

My running calender for the next few months looks like this:

28th June 5K colour run
12th July 10K Leeds
18th July 5K Pretty Mudder
1st August 5K Run or Dye

I am also pleased to announce my partnership with Brioche Pasquier.  Brioche Pasquier are sponsoring me for the 5K pretty mudder.  Last year they raised £20,000 for Cancer Research UK through their Raise Some Dough promotion.

Brioche Pasquier is France’s favourite family run bakery, using traditional recipes and authentic baking processes to create delicious brioche products for all the family. This unrivalled knowledge of French baking techniques has been passed through generations of Pasquiers since the first bakery opened in 1936. Brioche Pasquier products can be found in Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Co-op.

I have a few other 5K planned throughout the summer all in preparation for the Yorkshire marathon in October.

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