How to Help Your Little One Accept a House Move

One day in your children’s life, they may have to move house. This upheaval can be a big issue in families, especially when your kids don’t understand. It’s even more difficult if you’ve lived in the family home for some time. Getting them to accept you’re moving house (without tantrums) is tricky. However, it’s not altogether impossible. Here’s how to help your little one accept a house move. 

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Start Early
Before you even start looking for a home, it’s a good idea to let them know that you will be moving house in the future. Explain to them that this means you’ll no longer be living in this house, but you’ll be in a brand new home! By getting the ball rolling early, you’re less likely to have tantrums later on. It will also help when you get them involved - see the next point. If your children are really little, then they may not understand. However, there’s no harm in trying to explain what will be happening.

Get Them Involved
Let your little one feel as though they play a big part in the house move. Let them have a look through the rental homes listed with Hamptons and on other estate agents websites. Ask them which houses they like the look of and which they don’t. Of course, your children can’t dictate where you’re going to move to but, it will get them excited at the prospect of moving somewhere new. You’ll want to keep them involved every step of the way, where possible.

It’s not worth taking your child to every single house viewing, seeing as there are going to be many you don’t like the look of. You should, however, take them to see the properties you are interested in. This is another way of keeping them involved in the whole process. You will also be able to see any anti-child flaws in a potential house. Things such as counter heights and stairs are a good indicator of how child-friendly a house is. Your estate agent shouldn’t mind arranging second viewings for your whole family to have a look around. Treat it like a fun family day out!

Packing Up
When it comes to packing things up, some children may worry that they won’t see their toys again. You need to turn this into a game and keep referring back to the house move. Another good reason to start explaining early! Ask for them to put everything in boxes, as if this is the most fun in the world. You may also want to colour coordinate the boxes or get them to draw pictures on the side. This will help them feel more at ease about packing up their stuff.

The Move
Finally, it’s time to move house. Ideally, you should ask for a friend or family member to look after your little ones when moving. It’s stressful enough without children under your feet! You will also be able to get some things in order before they see their new home. This will enable them to feel more comfortable in their surroundings. Especially if you take some of their toys out to play with.

By the time the move comes, your children should have accepted what is going to happen. That’s why it’s important to start early and keep them involved. You’ll find that they’re a lot more keen on the idea if they feel as though they had an input! 

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