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I recently received a really lovely comment

I love your photos and your Instagram feed. They are the reason I follow your blog.

The person who said this to me has no idea how much this means to me. Photography is the area I have been concentrating on most, reading books and taking on line classes. I have two Panasonic lumix cameras and my smartphone. I love to randomly take photos with my two cameras a Panasonic lumix tz55 and a Panasonic lumix gm1 and my smart phone to help me understand photography better.

For me personally I see an image I want to capture and it just never comes out quite right. Too blurred, not sharp enough, missing a bit, not in focus. I get frustrated with the images and whilst I know photoshop exists I would prefer my images to be raw with minimal editing. I want to understand and develop my photography to get it right.

The majority of my images are taken with my smart phone, I have it with me everywhere. I would love a GoPro for running to capture my runs and this is firmly on the wish list. I would also love a Panasonic lumix tough camera as the girls often run off with my camera and I panic they might break it. My tz55 is my everyday go to camera and my Panasonic Lumix GM1 is what I class my proper camera, I simply love it but feel a fraud using it.

Pin the top of my wish list at the moment is a macro lens. To capture close up beautiful details and whilst I don't think I do too bad a job at the moment I know it could be better.

sandy toes

My favourite thing to photograph at the moment is our dogs. You may have seen my Instagram feed which seems to be taken over by them, but they are with me every day even when the girls are at school or at nursery and so they have become my test subjects.

I have two favourites this week of J, which capture his cheeky character

catching squirrelsopen wide

Hopefully in the next few months you will begin to see improvements in my photography and I look forward to your follow on Instagram so you can see the story develop.

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