Squirrel hunting

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Our back garden backs onto a woodland and some very large oak and sycamore trees. One of the trees contains a squirrels nest and every year the squirrels return to it without fail. J has caught onto this and watches from the garden, head firmly pointed upright at where the squirrels keep disappearing into. He stares longingly at the tree waiting for the squirrels to appear, and am pretty sure if I let him would stay there all day.

He has tried jumping up the fence and although pretty springy just cannot quite make it to the top. He has even jumped onto the trampoline but the safety netting prevents him for getting to the fence. Until yesterday that is when he made a discovery. He discovered he can climb up the girls adventure play set.

J on look out

He discovered that climbing this play set gets him one step closer to the squirrels and gives him a Great vantage point for watching over them. It gives him full scope of the garden and the ability to be closer to the tree. The squirrels however are not impressed.

This day I love squirrel hunting

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  1. LOL - Let's hope that J doesn't figure out how to move and climb a ladder as he'd be up that tree straightaway.

  2. That's a great post. Your dog looks lovely.

  3. A trampolining squirrel catcher - brilliant #AnimalTales

  4. Squirrels - how exciting! It's been pretty windy here today and there's been loads of plastic bags flying around catching Tin Box Dog's attention. I thought she'd caught sight of a cat a couple of times until I realised. She was hopping from paw to paw with excitement! :) #AnimalTales

  5. Oh what a clever boy :) My mum's garden has lots of squirrel visitors but they realise now that Stella's too slow to catch them! #animaltales

  6. Ha ha - this is excellent. There is a video on YouTube about a Honey Badger that uses all the tricks of the trade to scale the wall of it's enclosure to escape - perhaps best that J does not see it!

    Thank you for adding J's squirrelling exploits to #AnimalTales

  7. lol our dog runs into the wall when he's chasing the cats


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