What the girls read on holiday

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On our recent holiday to Portugal the girls took 4 new books with them and one of their favourite books. We read a book every night and so we wanted to take enough to cover all night time reading but not pack too many. Here are the books the girls took:

Hedgehugs - Horace and Hattiepillar

This book has a certain cuteness to it. Horace had Hattie are the best of friends who do everything together. You can't help but fall in love with them as you read the story. The illustrations are beautiful and it is such a gorgeous book to look at. The girls love the story, which follows the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, with an added colourful twist. This is one of those books the girls like to cuddle up and listen to so is perfect for bed time

A gold star for George

The girls like this book as it helps them to see their reward chart, and why they get their stickers. They like George and the other characters in the book and seem to relate to them. Particularly with the girls at school and nursery they are beginning to see the importance and value of friendship. The book helps to reinforce the importance of helping others which is great for these early school years.

Pirates don't drive diggers

2 things the girls love are pirates and diggers, which makes this book perfect. The book has a lovely rhyme to the story which often grabs the attention of my girls. We can tell it was written by the same author as my youngest favourite book, as she has really taken to the story.

A box of socks

This is a follow on story from a scarf and a half. The illustrations are the same which adds continuity so the girls can relate to the characters. The story had the girls laughing as the characters get the wrong socks and they do look rather funny.

yuk said the yack

If you ever hear my youngest saying 'eggs, or peas or cheese' she is talking about yuk and yack. She simply loves this book and she talks often about Alfie as if he is her friend. It was a book we had to take with us on holiday, in fact she takes it pretty much everywhere.

the girls holiday reading

Thanks to Maverick books for sending the girls such lovely books for their holiday.

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  1. I've had my eye on Hedge hugs - looks like a lovely book.


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