A day with the horses

The girls still have not got the hang of the ability to sleep past 8am during the school holidays and had me up at 6am today.  As a result we were up washed, dressed and ready to go by 9am.  I managed to spend an hour tiding and doing some housework before we decided to head over to Grandma to see if she was ready to go out.

Grandma was still getting ready so the girls decided to play with their Schleich riding arena whilst they waited.  They had three new additions to the arena, whom they have named after our dogs

three schleich horses

They also had a selection of the new farm life accessories to play with, including a rider.

farm life accessories

The girls wasted no time in setting up their stable with their new horses and were soon away with their imagination 

girls playing with horses

My eldest set up the jumps ready for the horses to jump over.  She attached the saddle by herself and sat the rider on to it. 

preparing horses

The horses were all ready for a days jumping and riding around the arena.  

horse and rider

The girls imagination took over and soon the horses were jumping, been groomed and eating hay.  When Grandma was ready the girls asked if they could come back to play after we had been out.  Grandma and I also wanted to play.

We were heading to the local cinema to watch inside out and upon our arrival the girls spotted some horses to ride.  They looked so much fun and they could not wait to have a go

girls on horses

The girls had a wonderful day with their Grandma and enjoyed the cinema.  When we got back to Grandma house they went straight back to play with their riding arena and even treated the horses to a lolly

horse and lolly

This day I love a day with the horses

The accessories and horses were sent as part of a review. All words are my own opinion. 

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