Just a bit of silliness

It has to be said we are getting fed up with the rain now.  We have baked and baked and now have so many cakes I am not sure how we are going to eat them all.  The girls needed to get out of the house and have some fun.  To be honest they just needed some time to use their imaginations and get a bit silly.

We braved the rain and headed over to a local exhibition, Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants: The Illustrated World of Nick Sharratt.  The exhibition was really hands on and the girls got to be a little bit silly

octopus and a elephantdressed up as a pineapple

The girls loved the exhibition, there was a lot for them to do.  There was of course a section devoted to the books by Nick Sharratt

choosing a book

They had a hard time choosing which book to read and they went through most of them reading to each other and looking through the pictures.

reading a book in the book corner

Rainy days are meant for silliness and reading books, oh and of course a spot of relaxing

laid on a bean bag after al the reading

This day I love Just a bit of silliness 

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