rainy day reading

A wet and miserable day today.  My youngest really did not want to do anything but stay at home.  It took some convincing to get her out of the house and I am glad we did.  We took a short trip to the main library in town.  My youngest loved it.

The main library is much bigger than our local library, as you would expect and there was a lot of choice.  My youngest selected some books and we snuggled up in one of the corner seats.  We read the books together and she tried to read some of the words.  She has been making lots of attempts recently to sound out words and it was really lovely to listen to her.

She selected some more books and then started to read them to me.  

youngest in the library

Spending time in the library with my youngest was a great way to spend a few hours on a rainy day.

This day I love rainy day reading

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  1. When rain came back it is interesting leasure for reading,happy summer from Mons in Belgium

  2. Ah yes, we love a trip to the library too. And there's something about being cosy in the library when it's raining outside (even when you've got to venture out again to go home!)


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