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A few weeks ago we received confirmation that my youngest daughter had secured a place at the nursery attached to the school my eldest attends. At the moment she is in a private nursery but she is so desperate to be at school like her sister that this will be a great start for her. Her starting nursery brings about a whole new challenge as she will now need a school uniform and with it that school uniform will need labelling.

Her latest trick at her current nursery is hiding her shoes and we often spend a good hour hunting for them before we can leave, I have a feeling she will continue this at her new nursery. Hunting for a pair of shoes similar to all the other children's though is going to present a new challenge. I am going to be labelling clothes and her shoes.

name label in shoe

Whilst iron on name label are going to work well for her uniform they will not work too well in her shoes. I am going to need a stick on name label to securely attach to the inside of her shoe. Pen and ink tend to smudge after time as feet get hot and I am hoping this will provide an alternative.

label school stationary

Along with her uniform comes the other items she is going to need, a water bottle for example. Her elder sister in the summer months has been asked to take sunglasses and a hat all labelled. If you have ever tried to label a pair of sunglasses you will understand the problems faced. Personalised labels are the only way forward as the space is too small to write on.

Petit Fernand logo

Petit-Fernand UK offered a solution to all of my labelling problems with a school labels pack. The pack contained:

Shoe labels (10)
Iron on label (40 with 1 line of text)
Small sticker label (40)
Stick on labels (30 1 line of text and 20 with 2 lines of text)

All the labels are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant and sticks onto garments within 12 seconds. The school pack arrives in a handy book, all the labels are therefore kept together so you do not have lots of sheets scattered around the house. I know how frustrating it can be when you cannot find the name labels. I store the label book on the bookshelf and I therefore know where it is, rather than lots of pieces everywhere.

It took less than 10 minutes for me to personalise the name labels and place my order. Delivery was free and the labels arrived within a few days. For £30 I find this incredibly good value for money and they are of a great quality.

I am pleased to offer 1 reader a voucher for £30 to spend at Petit-Fernand UK.  Full terms and conditions are on the widget.  Good Luck.

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