Reward at the end of the first week

The first week of the school holidays is over, only 5 more to go.  Not that I am counting down or anything.  My health and fitness has gone out of the window this week, the girls have come first and I have done my best to keep them busy.  I have discovered that tomorrow it is parents day in America and I have decided to adopt this as an excuse to treat myself for a busy week and a successful first week of the school holidays.

I have planned to go for a run tomorrow morning and am really looking forward to it.  I have missed running this week and tomorrow is much needed.  I haven't planned anything else for tomorrow and am looking forward to a nice quiet day at home.

My husband will be spending the day with the girls and he has planned to enjoy some of his favourite Beanies coffee.  

Beanies Coffee flavours

I have an allergy to caffeine so haven't drunk them myself but my husband loves them.  Vanilla and Orange are his favourite favours.  There are only 2 calories a cup so are a guilt free treat for him and a treat that he says has a pleasant taste and aroma.  I can smell vanilla, orange and hazelnut when he makes them.  

How are you planning on rewarding yourself for surviving the first week of the school holidays and for Parents day?

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